Who we are

We are a small creative team serving a big purpose. We are lucky enough to be on staff at The Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL. Our goal is to use our skills and talents to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus so that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ. Our team does this in the form of funny videos, stories of life change, animations, creative elements for conferences, small group campaigns, weekly news packages and really any form of media we can get our hands on. Below you can find out more about us as individuals and if you have any questions feel free to email or tweet us. 


Kellen Coldiron, Creative Director

Kellen leads our video and graphic design teams. He used to love a good sweater-vest, but not so much anymore, and he has been to six of the seven continents. Hanging out with his family and hearing or telling good jokes are his favorite ways to spend a day. Twitter     Email

Adam Bassett, Video Producer

One of Adam’s roles is to help bring stories to life.  God is constantly showing himself through the amazing people of Highlands, and Adam feels humbled to be able to help share those stories in a creative and impactful way.  He has a wonderful wife and son, enjoys a good western and says that his favorite movies are often black and white. Twitter Email  

Landon Benson, Graphic Designer

Landon loves Chick-Fil-A, well made apps, music that sounds a bit off, good design, and sitting next to Todd. He is also a recent grad of UAB's Graphic Design program. #RowTydeBlazers Twitter Email  

Vicky Cullison, Project Manager


Todd Helzer, Graphic Design

Todd works in graphic design. He has a soft spot for epic montages in sports movies, loves bobbers motorcycles, and prefers to spend his time hanging out with his beautiful wife Amy and their son London. Twitter Email  

Greg McKinney, Video Director

Greg is the Video Director for Church of the Highlands- which involves leading the team in creating Highland News, conference elements, testimonies, series intro videos, and designing motion graphics. He is in love with Red Wing boots and he wants his future grandchildren to get into fights with other kids over whether or not he has superpowers. Twitter Email  

Katie Vogel, COMMUNICATIONS Coordinator

Katie tells the world what we are up to via social media. She is so prolific in social media that her dog even has an instagram, @winstonbeckpup. 144 characters is more than enough for her to communicate to our followers. #hashtag Twitter Email  

Jake Taylor, Motion Designer

Jake is our video and motion designer and creates most of the moving announcements and sermon series bumpers. He once traveled to another country, and they asked him if his beard has a passport. It does, and it has been to more places than he has. He also has a vendetta against long pants and close toed shoes. He is also a proud graduate of The Georgia Southern University. Hail Southern. Twitter Email  

Mattye Woodcock, Art Director

Mattye leads our graphics team. She makes sure everything we make looks awesome and that it gets done on time. She loves all things about weddings, calligraphy, blogging, and her husband Woody. Twitter Email  

John David Wright, Video Editor

John David is a video editing machine. He is also a self-proclaimed genius – and everyone agrees. He plays bass guitar and eats chili dogs, sometimes at the same time. If you bring him Starbucks, he’ll just throw it on the ground. Twitter Email  

Brian Worster, Lighting Designer

Brian is the lighting director for Highlands, which means he uses moving, colored and blinking lights to create environments for people to worship and encounter God on a weekly basis. He also is one of our graphic designers and all-out Disney enthusiast. Brian is the proud owner of a Disneyland parking lot sign (“Simba 8C”) and proposed to his wife, who he met in Morocco, in front of Cinderella’s castle. Twitter Email