Don't Lose Sight of the Message

Something that we are very careful about here is making sure that we don't put the "creative" that's in us as a team over the message of the content we're delivering. It's easy to forget about the end goal of what you're producing when your primary focus is on making something "cool". Something fun we do every year is have a series called "At the Movies." We take stories with Biblical principals and use them as modern day parables. Some of our favorite things to create for this series are the video promos. It's one of our few times a year to try something that's fun and cinematic.

For last year's promos, we focused on a Western genre theme that we used for many of these videos. For our first one, we wanted it to be really epic, and pretty stereotypical of old school westerns. We wanted a rough and tough lead man, a silly sidekick, and lots of guns.

This is the part where we could have easily gone off the tracks a little bit. It's great to have fun and be creative, but we try to find the balance of keeping the videos fun and silly, but still get our message across. The whole point of the video is to get people excited about this "At the Movies" series and give them information on how to invite their friends.

Here's the final product. Hope you enjoy.